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A good education does not have to become a burden. Our expert student loan counselors can walk you through step-by-step plans formulated under the Obama Student Debt consolidation initiatives, to repay your federal student loans. Our representatives are well versed in policy regarding federal student loans to ensure that your student debt is manageable and your life after graduation is unencumbered by financial burden. At American Student Services, we give you the confidence to pursue a college education and realize your full potential.

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Our Counselors

First, our knowledgeable student loan counselors will furnish you with a complete analysis and appraisal of your financial situation now. With this, they can narrow down the available repayment options you are eligible for and which one is suited for your federal loan relief.

Personalized Strategic Financial Plan

This comprehensive review of your unique financial situation will take into account all your assets including savings and investment, your monthly spending needs and habits, and your financial plans for the future. Afterward, we will use this data to create a Personalized Strategic Financial Plan and Analysis Report just for you.

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Tailored Student Loan Plan

Following this "just for you" consultation, you will be armed with our personalized report with your unique details such as assets, liabilities, income, and a thorough breakdown of your overall expenses every month. Moving forward, you will be using these numbers as an effective tool to decrease your monthly spending and focus your attention on meeting your financial plans for the future.

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Stress-Free Document Preparation

While our counselors will prepare all the paperwork needed for your federal student loan repayment/forgiveness programs, they will still guide you through each document in great detail. As a result, we hope you understand for yourself what each program you enroll in entails. If you are ever confused or unsure about anything, we will be there to address your concerns and make things much clearer. As we've mentioned, you will never have to deal with tedious paperwork. We will deal with everything from filling them out to processing them. Our experienced team can identify the best way to deal with them and problems that may arise. We even keep updated on what's new and what's changed so we will always provide you with the latest advice.

The Basic Preparation

Using our signature basic preparation techniques, we'll assemble all the necessary documents and submit them for you straight to the DOE. While we will process your consolidation process as fast as possible, how long it will take will vary according to your own situation. Backed by our years of experience, we will get the results you need as soon as you've authorized us to act on your behalf by signing the needed paperwork. Upon receiving your proper information, we will then review, put together, and send off your enrollment to the DOE.

How Will Your Student Loan Forgiveness Affect Your Credit Score?

When your federal student loan payments lead to sleepless nights because of too much stress, its time to call us to find out more about student loan forgiveness. By consolidating your federal loan payments into one program, you might be eligible for one of the many student loan forgiveness programs available, including partial or even 100% federal student loan forgiveness. You might now be wondering how federal student loan forgiveness will affect your credit score especially once your outstanding balance has been erased.

Lower Your Loan Balance

Of course, one of the perks of having your student loans forgiven will be that any outstanding balances will be deleted from your credit history. While your cumulative balance does have an adverse effect on your credit score, removing them will do the reverse and make it better. Unfortunately, real life might not agree with your monthly financial obligations especially if they are too much. A lower credit score can make it seem as if you are impoverished. However, once your balance has been settled, you are showing you are being more responsible financially. This could mean a better credit score. Since a student loan is classified as an "installment" loan, it is seen as healthier than other types of credit lines, including credit cards. For more information on credit repair and how student loan forgiveness will affect it, you should consult a credit repair expert.

Your Payment History

After your student loan balance has been forgiven, the past 7 years of your payment history will still be on your credit statement. This could continue to influence your overall financial assessment in the near future. Keep in mind that just because your federal student loan has been forgiven, it does not translate to your payment history being immediately forgotten. It is actually a crucial time to be mindful of your payment installments since showing responsible and timely payments will benefit your credit history in time. Since your payment history will have a significant effect on your future credit score, it is very important that during this time, you make payment promptly. We understand being so near to forgiveness that it's easy not to worry so much about making your timely payment when in fact, this is the time to display financial responsibility. If you do run into an issue and are late with a payment, you need to ask that your forgiveness date be pushed back to accommodate.

Can a private loan for students also be forgiven?

Unfortunately, student loans from private loan lenders are not covered by the government student loan forgiveness programs covered above. You may be able to enroll in special repayment plans to meet your financial needs. However, don't expect them to provide a lump sum forgiveness such as in federal student loan forgiveness programs. You can, on the other hand, renegotiate as well as refinance your private student loans in order to work out lower installments by planning them out over a longer time frame.

The Obama Administration's 2016 Student Loan Forgiveness Act

Are you aware of the 2016 Obama Student Loan Forgiveness Act? Although President Obama is no longer in the White House, this act will still benefit you.

What Was the Obama Student Loan Forgiveness Act of 2016?

It's 2018, and although President Obama is no longer in office, his legacy lives on as numerous projects presented through his administration, including the Obama Student Loan Forgiveness Program, or more officially called the, an arrangement of student loan law reforms introduced while as he was president. Yes, it's 2018 and President Obama might not be in the White House, but his Obama Student Loan Forgiveness Act of 2016 continues to benefit federal student loan borrowers like you. This act introduced many student loan reforms even if current President Trump has already rolled back on many of the Obama-era projects. In fact, the current administration has not yet interfered with Obama's student loan initiatives so many of them are still applicable to Americans today. However, that they stay applicable is unsure, so you need to take advantage of them now. The best parts of the Obama Student Loan Forgiveness Act are the Federal Student Loan Debt Forgiveness initiatives for borrowers like you. These include: • Loan forgiveness given to all federal student loan borrowers after they have made 240 monthly payments. • The Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program (PSLF) reduced to require only 120 monthly payments rather than the original 180 • 2 new Federal Student Loan Repayment plans Pay-as-You-Earn (PAYE) and Revised Pay-as-You-Earn (REPAYE). These have become popular with many borrowers nowadays. For those with federal student loan debt, these 2 repayment plans are highly recommended for their noteworthy benefits. These Obama administration-era make repaying and eventually erasing A interested in how these programs can help you deal with your own federal student loan issues, you can learn more with [Insert Company Name]. We are very well-informed and experienced with these 2 programs, so you can save time by talking to us first. In addition, you can avoid the numerous student loan forgiveness scams out there for working with us directly. Just call us [Insert Phone Number] to discuss your options and answer your questions. [Insert Company Name] will assist you in lowering your monthly federal student loan payments. You may be eligible to make payments as low as $0.00 and apply for loan forgiveness so you can say goodbye to your debt immediately.

How Does the Obama Loan Forgiveness Work?

As you may have already noticed, a lot of to President Obama's loan forgiveness program has made substantial upgrades to how federal student loans work today, delivering borrowers like yourself more comprehensive benefits and then some. Since President Obama's program has made the situation significantly hopeful, more and more borrowers are encouraged to pay back their obligation since it will lead to a better part of their debt is forgiven. For example, as little as 240 payment installments is all it takes on either PAYE or REPAYE to get your remaining debt forgiven. In some cases, this might even less based on your specific circumstances.

Could Obama Forgiveness Survive President Trump?

However, many are rightfully concerned all the progress of the Obama administration when it comes to student loans forgiveness and borrowers have been displaced by the Trump administration. While much of the Obama Student Loan Forgiveness Act of 2016 might eventually be turned back altogether, much of it and more importantly, its benefits are still in place. The Trump administration has indeed repealed much of the previous administration's progressive stance. Education might eventually fall victim too. Instead of a multi-faceted program addressing many different needs from teachers/service corps to borrowers who have paid a minimum number of installments, the new laws might be more of a one-size fits all for better or worse. For now, much of the fate of the 2016 Obama Student Loan Forgiveness Act is up in the air. As of now, borrowers like you can still take advantage of it. However, time is of the essence, and if you'd still like to benefit from the federal student loan forgiveness plans we've covered, you do need to act fast. How can you get started now? Call us today at [Insert Phone Number] and speak to one of our expert student loan specialists to see if you qualify for any of these programs and which one will work best for you.