Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and Our Disclaimer

Our Cancellation Policy:

[Insert organization name]’s (also known here as “the Company”) cancellation policy exceeds state law requirement for your (also known here as “the Client’s”) protection. It is written to be easily understood: if at any time before the Client receives all the documents completed by us on your behalf (e.g. the service the Company provides), you may send us an email, letter, or fax to request a cancellation of our service and request a refund. Please note, if you request cancellation/refund after we have completed your paperwork and sent it to you, we will no longer be able to issue you with a refund unless you fall under the conditions covered in our guarantee described below or in states covered by extended cancellation rights beyond what is stated.

Limited Money Back Guarantee/Your Satisfaction Guaranteed:

The Company will ensure the documents it prepares for enrollment and acceptance into a Department of Education-sponsored program for student loan debt or any repayment plan with lenders approved by the DOE is correct and enough for approval by the DOE with the below restrictions:

The student loan submitted by the Client to the Company is the original loans. They shouldn’t have been already consolidated or had their amounts or terms adjusted in any way. They should also not have been serviced in the past already by another loan adjustment or assistance organization.

The Client is 100% transparent and prompt with submitting all the information needed by the Company and sometimes, the DOE itself.

The Client must fulfill all the requirements necessitated by the DOE’s applicable rules and conditions for eligibility for loan consolation. If at any time while pursuing enrollment and acceptance and before approval from the DOE, the Client does not meet the DOE’s criteria, they can no longer use the advantages of the Company’s document preparation services.

Subsequently, the Client automatically voids this agreement. Clients not approved by the DOE subject to the above restrictions will receive a reimbursement of fees paid to the Company. The amount will be based on funds received by the Company from the Client. To qualify, a request for refund must be made to the Company in writing within 10 days after the Client has been informed of a denial by the DOE.

All guarantees covered above will expire 6 months after the date the Client signed the agreement.

Our Privacy Policy:

[Insert organization name] (also known here as the “Company”) will protect your privacy to the best of our ability. We are committed to delivering you a high-quality service. This Privacy Policy describes what the Company will do to keep all your data private, safe, and secure. This Privacy Policy applies solely to the information you supply us, or that we receive from external sources you’ve indicated you will use.

Read our Privacy Policy thoroughly. Please contact us with any additional questions or concerns.

Personal Information We Collect:

Personal data collected by the Company from you, the Client, will come from the sources below:

Information volunteered by you. This includes your name, address, and contact information, among other details you give us in your application, documents, a phone call, and other communications.

Your transaction balances, including your balances with creditors, payments, and other related activity. This might also include credit card statements and other data associated with your student loan debts.

Data provided by consumer reporting agencies like credit bureau reports, collection agency reports, and other types of communications. This might also include your annual income, creditworthiness, and payment history.

The Company reserves its right to and will transfer or sell your information to 3rd parties for any purpose at its exclusive discretion. We will not sell or transfer your personal information to non-affiliated parties for their own use without first providing you with the chance to opt-out.

Furthermore, we reserve the right to share the information to execute any transaction you’ve asked us to perform on your behalf. These are necessary for us to fulfill our obligations to you.

Service providers we work with might also require your information. Included are companies who market the Company’s services on its behalf. Any others we chose to share the information with will only be permitted of necessitated by law, including for fraud protection or as required by a subpoena. In the event the Company sells or transfers your account or provide our business assets to a different provider, we may likewise share your information.

In carrying out our duties and contractual obligations to you, we might be based on our own judgement, need to disclose such information as covered by the law to other organizations such as banks, credit card providers, creditors, and collection agencies, among many others we need to plan and execute our services to the best of our ability.

We Protect Your Information:

Our personnel is trained to guard all your personal information at all times. We have physical, electronic, and operational safeguards in place that adhere strictly to government standards. We ensure our agents, contractors, and employees only request information from you that pertains to our work.

To further keep your personal information, secure during all our online transactions, please do not volunteer your personal information and passwords to anyone. Keep in mind that no form of communications whether online or offline is ever 100% secure.

The above policy is applicable to our current and former customers.

If you have any additional concerns and inquiries, please reach [Insert Company Name] the following ways:

[Insert Address]

[Insert Phone Number]

[Insert Email]

Opting-Out and Your Other Choices:

The Company will give you the chance to immediately “opt-out” of situations where your personal information may be shared. Please note that by providing us with your information, you are essentially providing your consent that the information can be shared in the manner covered by our Privacy Policy.

However, we will provide you with every opportunity to remove your consent when your information is such requested. This can be executed with a notification by any of the means provided by the Company to reach us, including by email to [Insert email address here]


[Insert organization name] has expertise in federal student loan documentation preparation and processing. We help borrowers like yourself find and receive approval for the many government debt relief programs available to you. However, we are not a government agency, the Department of Education, or your loan servicer. We are an independent, private organization not affiliated with the aforementioned agencies.

You are free to research and apply for the government student debt relief programs yourself. It is possible to consolidate your student loans directly via the DOE with no additional fees.

[Insert organization name] is honored to offer our experience in helping student federal loan borrowers efficiently and effectively pursue the existing government relief and forgiveness initiatives especially created for them. We are similar to your tax preparation specialist, you pay for our expertise and service. Yes, you can do your loan consolidation (like your taxes) on your own. However, if you want to get the best and speediest results possible, you can try us.

We will provide you with expert guidance from A to Z, including all the documentation and completing all the DOE website applications and more. In exchange for our nominal fee, we will also fill out and process all your required paperwork and save you the time and headache. We will not be paying your student loan on your behalf, and all your loans will still be under your name.

We are not another loan servicer in any form or function.